Dixie Bed by Calligaris

$ 2 011.95

Rest easy (and contemporary) with the Calligaris Dixie Bed. This sleekly elegant bed is distinguished by the subtly rounded shape of the headboard and the lovely tone and texture of the wood veneer used to make it and the sideboard. For the front legs, you can choose pointed polished aluminum or wooden peg legs that match the rest of the bed. Since 1923, Calligaris has epitomized "Italian Smart Design." To them, smart means balance between form and function, reason and emotion. It means the ability to cause change as much as adapt to it. So the company that began with a single handmade wood and straw chair has since expanded its offerings into a broad and diverse selection of contemporary furniture. The line of Calligaris chairs, tables, sofas and beds offers endless possibilities for the modern home...both now and in the future.

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