Soma Maple Dining Table by Saloom Furniture

$ 1 144.00

A beautifully balanced look for the modern dining room. The Saloom Furniture Soma Maple Dining Table has a deceptively simple design. It features a soft-cornered rectangular top on a unique V-shaped base. It is made entirely out of solid maple, and is available in a wide array of smooth, hand-applied finishes. In 1982, Saloom Furniture was founded to bring long-lasting style, comfort and functionality to the heart of the home: the dining room. And that means pretty much any style--from curvaceous and traditional to streamlined and contemporary, as well as most points in-between (including country and rustic modern). Saloom Furniture dining tables, chairs and case pieces are guaranteed to last. They are all hand made by skilled craftspeople in Massachusetts, using only locally sourced hardwoods and time-tested manufacturing techniques.

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