Cela 26 - modular tv unit

$ 1 470.00

Dimensions of elements:

Wall mounted cabinet - height: 13.4" / width: 41.3" / depth: 12.6"
TV cabinet - height: 14.8" / width: 39.4" / depth: 16.9"
Wall mounted cabinet C14 - height: 12.8" / width: 19.7" / depth: 11.8"
Wall mounted cabinet C15 - height: 12.2" / width: 39.4" / depth: 16.1"

Available colors:

white matt body + white high gloss fronts
black matt body + black high gloss fronts

Material: laminated board / MDF board (gloss)

Total width: 118.1"
Height of the feet: 2"

Additional information:

Hanging shelf C15 available only in golden oak + white and artisan oak + black
TV cabinet and C15 hanging shelf: universal elements (standing or hanging, legs included) the protruding (approx. 15mm) fronts serve as handles
the "soft close" system ensures a silent and gentle closing of the door
the "push to open" mechanism is the bumpers causing the front to bounce when it is pressed
when using the "push to open" mechanism and the "soft close" hinges at the same time - the hinges are not able to press the stopper - manual closing required

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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